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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

The quality of a rotationally molded polyethylene IBC is most dependent on a manufacturer's process experience, product design capabilities, and application knowledge. Snyder Industries has been designing and manufacturing DOT approved plastic IBCs, also known as portable tote tanks, for over three decades. 
In fact, Snyder Industries introduced the first all plastic IBC in the 1970's. Today, the Snyder IBC division's commitment to product innovation and quality has made our company the world's largest manufacturer of rotationally molded IBCs.

Intermediate Bulk Containers

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All Snyder IBC's ARE BUILT TO LAST. The plastic resin and processing techniques utilized within the Snyder IBC manufacturing facilities ensure a container wall thickness of " or more is cured optimally, so that the physical properties of the polyethylene are maximized to consistently deliver a durable and long-lasting product performance. 
The all-plastic construction of a Snyder IBC also resists the corrosion attack and associated maintenance costs common in metal or composite IBC constructions. As a result, Snyder IBCs generally deliver a longer useful-life-to-cost ratio than other IBC material constructions. While the many durability benefits incorporated into a Snyder IBC'S design are easily understood, many customers are surprised to also learn these heavy-duty IBC material constructions actually weigh less than comparative alternatives, which reduces a filled IBC's payload freight and handling expenses.

Besides reducing costs and extending an IBC's useful life, Snyder Industries' rotational molding technologies provide our engineering team with much flexibility in the design and manufacturing of a plastic IBC, which is demonstrated in the many options and accessories available on Snyder IBC products. 
Whether your company is looking to solve a specific bulk handling problem or simply trying to reduce costs, a Snyder Industries representative is waiting to assist you in identifying the most appropriate IBC package for your company's unique requirements. If you are investigating dramatic changes in your companies IBC design or function requirements and cannot seem to find a standard IBC product within the domain of this web-site, Snyder Industries would be happy to assist you in determining the viability of a customized IBC design solution to meet your proprietary specifications. If we can be of any assistance in your search, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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